• Easy Tips For Following A Diet While Traveling

    posted on Friday, November 01, 2013  by: Hyde Park Wellness

    In my practice I have seen many patients who would like to lose weight and who struggle to do this because of the demands that their careers put on them.  Working long hours typically leaves t...

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  • Massage Services Now Available at Hyde Park Wellness

    posted on Wednesday, October 09, 2013  by: Hyde Park Wellness

    I know it’s been a while, but there are some exciting things going on here at the clinic that I wanted to share.  We are ple...

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  • Community Event: FREE Health Screenings Wednesday, Apr. 3rd

    posted on Friday, March 01, 2013  by: Hyde Park Wellness

    Hyde Park Wellness Clinic, in partnership with UT’s School of Pharmacy and HEB Pharmacy, will be hosting an afternoon of free health screenings on April 3, 2013 from 2-5PM. If you’ve be...

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  • Acupuncture for Allergies – How it Works

    posted on Tuesday, January 22, 2013  by: Hyde Park Wellness

    The inspiration for this blog post came to me in the middle of the night – quite literally. I woke up from a dead sleep and sneezed so hard I thought I’d...

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  • Don’t Dallas My Austin? Too Late, But It Will Be Okay

    posted on Tuesday, October 30, 2012  by: Hyde Park Wellness

    In my daily perusal of the headlines, I recently came across an article by New York Times Op-Ed Contributor, Richard Parker, the title of which asks a question I feel has already been answered:

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