For Holiday Cold & Flu Season, A Few of My Favorite Things

Posted on Tuesday, December 06, 2011 by Hyde Park Wellness

The holidays represent a time for giving…and stress. As we race around trying to find the perfect gift or dash from party to party, our immune systems can get run down, making us more susceptible to infection and illness. If that person next to you in line at the mall is in the spirit of the season and is kind enough to give you his cold or flu, here are a few suggestions for some all-natural remedies that can help you feel better, faster.Congaplex + Saligesic.These two products combine the best of both worlds – nutrition and herbal medicine. Congaplex is the Standard Process product of choice for colds, flu, congestion, inflammation and any systemic infection. Saligesic is a MediHerb product containing a 20:1 extract of white willow bark, which is used to reduce both fever and pain. The two work so well together that this combination is one of my top choices for anyone suffering from acute body aches, fever and sore throat. A patient who recently took these for his flu-like symptoms has this to say about it: “I was feeling terrible. I had a horrible cough and it eventually worsened to the point where I actually had a fever and became very ill. After one day of taking a combination of Congaplex and Saligesic I immediately could tell that my body was responding in a positive way. They helped to lessen the achy pain I was having from the fever, and it also helped to get some of that nasty phlegm out of my lungs and sinus area, which was causing me some additional pain (sinus headaches and coughing). Within 48 hours, I was feeling much better and was able to actually do a little bit of work, instead of being stuck in my bed all day.”Southern Ban Lan Gen Chong Ji. Have you ever felt run down and worn out and you just knew you were on the verge of getting sick? This is the premier herbal granule product to take in just such situations. Ban lan gen (Radix Isatidis) is a Chinese herb prized for its antibiotic and antiviral properties. It’s combined with several other powerful heat clearing herbs in these convenient, single-dose packets that are perfect for travel or people on the go. Just mix one packet with 6 ounces warm water and drink as a tea.

Seasonal Flu Tincture. Designed by a well-respected doctor of Chinese herbology, this product combines the balance and efficacy of a brilliant raw-herb formula with the convenience and rapid relief that only a tincture can deliver. We take raw herbs and grind them into a fine powder, then soak them in vodka 2-4 weeks. At the end of the soaking we filter out any solid herbal material and what is left is, essentially, a medicated, herbal liquor infused with the active compounds found in the herbs. The alcohol allows these compounds to be absorbed directly into the blood stream so that you get rapid relief of your symptoms. This particular product is a Hyde Park homegrown original, tinctured in small batches, right here in our office.

Andrographis Complex. For respiratory infections that persist for more than a few days, Andrographis Complex from MediHerb is my go-to choice. A favorite among Chinese and Western herbalists alike, Andrographis or chuan xin lian, as it is called in pinyin, has been shown in several research studies to support upper-respiratory tract health. If you’re blowing out green or yellow snot, you might want to pick up some Andrographis Complex.

Stay well this holiday season!

-Tama Henderson, L.Ac.
December, 2011