Setting the Standard in Nutrition

Posted on Tuesday, July 19, 2011 by Hyde Park Wellness

I recently returned from a long weekend in Wisconsin where I was lucky enough to tour the Standard Process organic farm and manufacturing facility. Founded by Dr. Royal Lee in 1929, Standard Process excels at making high-quality, whole food vitamins and supplements, using organic ingredients. I left for my trip with few expectations about what I might see and learn and was absolutely blown away by the reality I found in the bucolic setting of Palmyra.

Out there it is farmland, green and rolling, as far as the eye can see, dotted with red barns and tall grain silos. The SP facility stands out as a modern incarnation of the quaint American farmhouse. Initially I was more excited to tour the farm, but in actuality I found the processing plant to be much more interesting. The sheer volume of product that they harvest, process and ship out in one day is astounding. And they accomplish this, no doubt, through tight organizational and quality control measures, technology and automation. The best part? All the employees seem genuinely happy to be working there.

And why not? This is a company that truly walks the walk. They have a fitness and wellness center on site where employees can exercise and get treated by holistic doctors. They provide credits toward employee health insurance for those employees who take an active roll in their health by working out. And they give each employee $400 worth of SP products each month.

As part of the weekend activities our group of about 120 acupuncturists was treated to a series of lectures designed to teach us about the whole food vitamin philosophy and specific products in particular. I am now able to pass this information along to my patients in the service of helping them to feel better.

I simply cannot say enough good things about Standard Process and its mission in the world of holistic healthcare. Indeed, they appear to set the bar very high and in doing so, have inspired me to attempt to achieve the same level of quality and integrity in my own practice. Thanks SP!

Outside Standard Process headquarters in beautiful Palmyra, WI.

-Tama Henderson, L.Ac.

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