Team HPAC Competes in the MTDW

Posted on Sunday, May 01, 2011 by Hyde Park Wellness

Ok, so the Mighty Texas Dog Walk isn’t actually a race, but just try telling that to my spunky little Dalmatian, Zoey. At 9 years old, Zoey has arthritis in both of her little doggie ankles, but nothing seems to get her down. She pulled me along the entire 3 mile course with the gusto of a young pup, fueled by the promise of free treats and toys at the finish line.

Aside from being something like a triathlon for dogs – walking, eating, pooping – the MTDW is a benefit to raise money for Texas Hearing and Service Dogs. The weather was great, we got to see lots of cool dogs including a massive St. Bernard whose paws looked positively bear-like and we got to do something good for the community. If you love dogs and haven’t done the walk I highly recommend it for next year.

–Tama Henderson, LAc

Happy dogs with their humans, from left to right: Sunny, PJ, Rosie, Bosley, and Zoey.