Healing with Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as we know it today represents the culmination of several thousand years of clinical experience and the piecing together of different techniques, treatment philosophies and herbal knowledge to form a coherent system of diagnosis and treatment. TCM represents one of the oldest and most sophisticated frameworks for patient evaluation and care. TCM philosophy is based on the idea of holism ā€“ that each individual is a unique and complex set of organ systems which not only communicate with one another, but which are also impacted by external environmental factors. In this way, each patient is a microcosm and reflection of the universe at large.

This holistic view allows the practitioner of Chinese Medicine to make associations between different signs and symptoms and organ systems within the body, in an effort to effect healing. The Chinese model suggests that acupuncture channels run throughout the body, serving as a conduit to transmit ā€œqiā€ or vital energy. The smooth flow of qi is essential for good health and mental well being. When a channel becomes blocked and qi cannot flow freely, disease may arise.

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