• I had 10 sessions with Tama, and every time I felt better and more relaxed than the time before! She is very thorough and professional, I never felt rushed, and the foot massage at the end was the icing on the cake!

  • Jane M.
  • As an RN I work on my feet all day, I've developed what is most likely plantar fascitis. I have excruciating pain in my heel. Tama has treated me several times. She takes the time to explain what she is doing and takes her time in doing so. Even after one treatment I felt great relief. I would highly recommend Hyde Park Wellness to anyone and everyone in need of acupuncture or nutritional advice. Tama is very knowledgeable and professional, not to mention the clinic is in a great location!!

  • Amy K.
  • I've seen Tama for a number of things- allergies/sinus issues, fatigue, an old sports injury, and stress. I have seen other acupuncturists and what I really appreciate about Tama is how thorough she is, and how extensive her treatment repertoire is - acupuncture, Chinese medicine, massage, etc. The treatments helped for both immediate relief and for longer term results (congestion cleared up, sleep improvement, less stress, decreased pain, etc). Tama has been very responsive in terms of returning calls and scheduling appointments that work for my crazy schedule (sometimes a lost art these days), and really takes pride in the care she provides. Her technique is top notch compared to others that I have seen (i.e. the needle placement doesn't hurt), she is professional, and makes you feel at ease. The office is nice too- ample parking, great location, relaxing and private treatment rooms, etc. I have recommended Hyde Park Wellness to a number of friends, colleagues, and family members and they have all been happy with the results.

  • AC L.
  • Went in for a “kinked” neck that had been lingering for weeks. One acupuncture treatment took care of it! I’ve also transitioned over the last couple of months from store brand vitamins and supplements to the Hyde Park products, which are all natural. Great location-- 3 blocks from my house!

  • Regina H.
  • Tama is wonderful; she hears you with clarity and is obviously proficient in her craft and medical knowledge. I find comfort in knowing Hyde Park Wellness is there.

  • Jan K.
  • I am a runner so the first time I saw Tama was for some acupuncture on my very tight IT Band. She put those little needles in various locations and hooked me up to some electrical currents to loosen up that muscle, which feels very cool, and after a couple of sessions it felt so much better. Tama is also very knowledgeable about nutrition and supplements so she is now my go to person for my protein powder, vitamins and general health and wellness supplements. Tama is so easy to talk to about your needs and her clinic is very inviting and comfortable. I would so recommend her to anyone.

  • Michelle R.
  • Tama is very professional and caring. It was a wonderful experience and enhanced my overall health and feeling of "I am going to be in as good heath as possible." She explained what she was doing, gave sound nutritional advice, and worked on the parts of me that needed help. I am definitely going back!

  • Iris B.
  • Tama keeps our family healthy and happy. She takes a whole approach to what may ail you, and is right on target.

    Numerous times I have brought my sons to Hyde Park for deep coughs, after their visits a few days later they practically disappeared.

    My husband once had recurrent migraines, with Tama's help they are now almost obsolete.

    Eastern medicine has been the way to go for us for allergies, headaches, imbalances of the body, and Tama is so very easy to talk to and is a partner in your health.

    Go to Hyde Park Wellness, you will be amazed at how well you can feel.

  • Felissa T.

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